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  • Huashen water structuring Mugs

    Huashen water structuring Mugs

    Huashen Mug for structuring water


      Mug with handle


      300 ml


      metallic, silver tone


     240 USD

    Water is an integral part of biotic life here on earth. Since 75 to 90% of the human body consists of water, it influences our well being in many ways. Consumption of clean spring water can stimulate metabolism and improve organ functionality.

    There are two factors in determining naturally healthy water:
    1. Clean unpolluted by other substances such as chlorine or zinc
    2. Correct molecular cluster structure formed by h2o molecules hydrogen bonding with each other.
    As it turns out the second factor is much more important and that's exactly what The Cup from HuaShen does. Using nano-particles, this cup changes 15 to 17 molecule tap water cluster to a 5 to 7 vital spring water cluster. If filtered tap or bottled water is cryogenically frozen and observed with a microscope, you will see an ugly looking structure. Now, if the same filtered tap water is poured into the HuaShen cup and kept there for 20 to 30 minutes and then placed under the microscope(frozen) you will see a snowflake shaped cluster. That's actually what a snowflake looks like in liquid form. The water produced in this cup is referred to as structured water, because of its pure H2O cluster structure. There are very few brooks or springs left on earths that contain this water. Structured water has a natural physical property of structuring dead water (Filtered tap). This water naturally kills bacteria like cholera, just as a clean spring will never harbor mosquitoes. Please remember that this cup is not a filter. It can lower the effects of bad particles in tap water but it does not remove them from. Best if used in conjunction with a mechanical faucet or pitcher filter. This water doesn't treat specific illnesses, although it can help in recovery from many. It's also great for toxin removal and body cleansing. Of course taste wise, this water has a much smoother texture than filtered tap and even pours differently.

    To understand water is to understand the universe, all the wonders of nature and life itself - Masaru Emoto. Water is the source of life. Optimal use of good water will help you lose extra weight, increase life tone and improve health.
    Huashen cup alters water, turning it from high molecular (15-17 molecules) in low molecular (structured), whose cluster is composed of 5-7 molecules. During the process of structurization, all the negative information, the memory of water, is cleaned up.
    Structured water does not uniquely treat diseases. Water is not just a liquid, but a breeding ground for forming cells and composes 2/3 of water body substance. Constantly using high-quality water, you improve health of your whole organism, helping your body to clean up from the dozens of types of poisons, and to achieve the physiological condition in which it was created by nature.
    Long time ago, people could make melted water, collected rainwater and dew and clear  the water  by silver objects. Properties of nano material cup is nothing supernatural but just the result of technical and scientific progress of 21st century.
    Structured water efficiently liquefies blood, naturally supports acid - alkaline balance, inhibits the progression of cancer processes and improves immunity. These products must be used by each and everyone.

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