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  • HuaShen SPA Shower Head

    HuaShen SPA Shower Head

    Price: 240 USD

    HuaShen SPA SHOWER HEAD is made from Nano-Micro mineral powder & multifunctional macro molecule materials by high-tech, will bring into natural Micro clustered Alkaline Water containing anions through a shower or water massage.  The anionic Micro-clustered Alkaline Water will take the metabolized materials out of human bodies through  the respiration & the osmosis, and activate the livingness of the cells to have beautiful and healthy skin.

    HuaShen SPA SHOWER HEAD  Effectiveness

    To Supplement Cell Nutrition and To Stimulate Cell Activities by Heating Three Kinds of Mineral Crystal Ores
    There are A,B and C - three different specific function balls in HuaShen SPA SHOWER HEAD which is made from Nano-Micro mineral powder and multi-functional macro molecule materials sintered under high temperature in the electromagnetic fields.  As the temperature rises to 32 - 50 degrees Celsius, the water molecules become small fissiled water molecules so that a large number of anions come into the human being body.  A part of small water molecules containing anions through the shower head nozzle exit, are distributed into the air and produce the negative oxygen ions inhaled by the human body to enhance cardiopulmonary exercise.  The other part is dissolved into water working directly on the human skin, the cells are supplemented nutrition and cells activities are stimulated.

    Water Supplementary and Skin Emolliating
    Active Microclustered Alkaline Water or small water molecules containing anions is more easily put into skin pores in depth  in a SPA massage, that makes the skin more easily absorb water quickly and rapid get the cell nutritional supplements.  The cell tensility will be enhanced and the skin elasticity will be gradually restored that makes skin  be very delicate with a velvet shine.

    Antibacterial Action and Detoxification
    A large number of negative oxygen ions come into the human being in the water agitating transmission that activates the self-regulation of skin and the regenesis of the skin cells to maintain their vitality.  Negative oxygen ions can effectively absorb the particles in the air.  The air is purified by the unique antibacterial and antimicrobial function that can effectively stop the breeding and existence of a variety o bacteria and eliminate skin retina.

    Recovering from Fatigue
    The ions in the water and the positive charge with the fatigue gene in the body impact systemic 320 points and fatigue muscles by a low gravity water massage that not only regulates the autonomic nervous system balance and stability, but also improves brain function to make a sedative effect on the spirit.  Fatigue is eliminated as well as tension is relieved to improve sleep.  Skin is activated to  get rid of muscle soreness.  Blood circulation is well promoted to clear  up partial edema of the human body.

    Immunity Enhancing
    HuaShen SPA SHOWER HEAD sprays strong anion  bubbles that form anion negative oxygen ions in the air inhaled into human body to work on metabolism.  Coming to alveolar, these ions will promote the alveolar mucosa cilia movement to improve the function of lung ventilation, and improve the blood flow and oxygen capacity.  As negative oxygen ions go through the alveolar into the blood, the blood calcium and sodium ion concentration increases, and blood is well fully circulated.  As negative oxygen ions go everywhere inside the human body through the circulatory system, the role of a variety of cells and the aerobic metabolism vitality will be acceleratedly activated.  Although a large number of free radicals are produced in human body that will lead to human aging and induce cancer, they will be counteracted to achieve the anti aging effect of physical health.

    Spectrum's of Use: The water coming out from HuaShen SPA SHOWER HEAD could be used to take a shower or a tubing, wash hair and face, water flowers.

    One year expired since initial use


    1. Install one end of hose to the bottom of shower head and then tighten the round screw cap, the other end o hexagonal screw cap should be tightened onto the faucet.
    2. Clockwise direction to screw tightly at the time of installation.
    3. There must be a gasket put in between the hose and the shower head. If leak, please check whether there is  a gasket.

    Unpicking and Washing:

    1. Take the lower part of shower head and then screw in a counterclockwise rotation of the nut to open, unpick the shower head and hose at the same time - pay attention  not to discard the gasket.
    2. Take the upper part of shower head and screw the lower part in an anti-clockwise rotation to unpick the shower head, at the same time be careful not to discard the function balls.
    3. Clean function balls with a saline solution.
    4. Function balls should be placed under direct sunlight to fully dry.
    5. To install back use opposite steps.

    Cautions: If water hydraulic is too high, it may lead to the leaking water pipes or pipe connections. Please be sure to use a valve to regulate water currents.  * Only the water no more than 50 degree Celsius could pass through the shower head, otherwise it would lead to breakage, discoloration & deformation of shower head.

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