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  • Natural Supplementals

    Natural Bee Pollen HuaShen

    Natural Bee Pollen


     24 pack x 5 g.


     ½ tsp - 1 pack a day


     from 6:00 to 13:00


     80 USD

    Huashen Pollen utilizes a new revolutionary method of extracting all nutritious ingredients from pollen granules. Huashen Bee Pollen has the highest absorption ratio of bee pollen sold in the United States.

    That means 99% of Huashen Bee Pollen is absorbed by the human body for nutrient consumption and distribution. Regular bee pollen is a particle with a hard shell that is not easy to digest by the human body. The maximum nutrient gain is 5%. Huashen bee pollen uses high technology to break the pollen shell allowing for full nutrient release. This yields a nearly 100% nutrient absorption.

    • Increases energy
    • Facilitates Weight Loss
    • Stabilizes  metabolism
    • Increases libido
    • Eliminates acne(topical application)
    • Aids indigestion
    • Helps recover from depression
    • Stabilizes blood pressure
    • Improves circulation

    Superfine Calcium Powder Huashen

    Superfine Calcium Powder


     100 g.


     1-5 standard spoons a day


     from 16:00 to 22:00


     30 USD
    Biocalcium wings made of beautiful shells of the Far Eastern sea scallops caught in the deep waters of the Southern Seas. Sink is 98.2% on calcium carbonate, containing the largest amount of pure calcium.

    Due to the wings of a special micronized nanoparticles size - 5-7 microns. The percentage uptake of the calcium absorbed 93% and it is already in the stomach, partly directly, partly after the dissolution of its walls.
    Good absorption of calcium HuaShen and reasonable price make this a daily calcium for a long time. Package contained 100 g of calcium carbonate, calculated at the reception for 100 days.

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