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  • Nanotechnology and Health


    In recent years a new science has emerged. Nanotechnology is focused around the use of very tiny particles in performing specific functions. In mainstream media, nanotechnology is always thought of as some sort of tiny robotic particles performing electronic functions in devices and gadgets. In reference to health, nanoscience usually reminds us of a tiny computerized doctor inside our bodies examining our state and wellbeing. Although realistically possible to implement, the aforementioned uses of nanotechnology provide little value to actual health. Diagnosing health problems has little to do with curing them.

    Nanotechnology and Biophotons

    In the early 1990s, a joint effort by United States and China yielded some extraordinary results in use of nano-plant particles processed with nanotech tools. It was noticed by scientists that a specific combination of plant particles layered on top of each other emitted far infrared frequencies. Human body heat is also in the far infrared range. A conclusion was drawn that biophotons emitted from very tiny plant particles can replenish human body cells with the same far infrared frequency.

    Vibrational frequency

    Every cell has a native vibrational frequency. Its neither a complicated concept nor a pseudoscience. Anything that transports ions (cell membrane) has an electrical charge. All electrical charges exhibit an electric field, which can be measured using an analyzer (oscillator). Vibrational frequency of a cell is like a tuner on the radio. On the radio, every station has a specific frequency; you wont catch anything for 101.1 fm on 101.2 fm.

    Why Nanotechnology?

    The smaller the particle, the more potential per unit area it exhibits. Computer processors utilize this principle. Speed increase in computer processors is directly related to the size of the smallest transistor unit. In other words, the smaller the transistor, the faster it can pass voltage. Nanotechnological developments usually exploit this specific property. In the case of biophotons, the plant micro-particles emit low frequency waves that penetrate 1 to 2 inches through the skin. These waves activate the native vibrational frequencies or radio bands of cells. As the cells begin to absorb biophotons, all kinds of health regenerative processes start to take place. (read ) Nanotechnology allows processing of plants reducing them to a microscopic level.

    Plant Processing Nanotechnology

    As mentioned earlier, scientists were experimenting with traditional Chinese remedies. Based on factual results of using specific plants in illness treatments, these remedies had specific guidelines that had to be observed. Fortunately in the age of technology and refrigeration, a larger production scale of these remedies became viable. First, these plants have to be grown using specific gardening techniques. They had to be cut during a certain season of the year. Also they had to be consumed within hours of cutting. Using deep freeze, HuaShen laboratories were able to preserve all the properties of these plants. The next step was to break these plants into micro dust. Using patented supersonic airstreams based on nanotechnology, HuaShen labs crumble plant cells into dust. This dust is then layered in different combinations with other micro dust from other plants. These ultra small particles possess energy thousands of time that of the original Chinese remedies. Thanks to nanotechnology, the effects of these remedies are greatly amplified.

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