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  • Bed linen set with biophotons

    Pillow Sham HuaShen Pillow Towel

    Pillow Sham


      74 x 48 cm




     80 USD

    Pillow-sham with bio photons "Huashen" is based on the theory of Chinese medicine.
    100% cotton material, it is environmentally friendly natural product that does not contain toxins.

    "Good blood circulation - a pledge no pain, pain - an indicator of poor circulation," the production of mantles joined a variety of medicinal raw materials and advanced international nanometric technologies.
    Health benefits: Eliminates fatigue of the brain, improves sleep, strengthens memory, improves blood circulation in the neck, eliminating local pain.

    Bed linen set with biophotons

    Double sets of bed linens


      Flat Sheet,  Duvet, 2 Shams


      Double set bed linens




     600 USD

    Bed linen with bio photons perfectly complements after-insult therapy. Rehabilitation of patients improves and becomes faster.

    HuaShen Double sets of bed linensDeclining risk of the formation of new embolism. Bed linen facilitates condition of patients, preventing the emergence of straight, improving blood circulation. Products with bio photons are called number one for the reduction of cholesterol in the blood by specialists.



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