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  • Consumer society of HuaShen products

    This explanation is written specifically for people who have never wanted to have anything to do with companies that have business system MLM, but would like to become consumers of their products.
    Most MLM companies sell very high-quality products, which for some reason can not be purchased in conventional stores, pharmacies or other retail locations.

    What is special about consumer society of HuaShen products ?

    1. After signing the contract, the buyer becomes a member of the consumer society of the HuaShen products.
    2. Contract has unlimited duration and is valid in all countries, where company HuaShen has its office or independent distributors.
    3. The contract may be sold, donated, transmitted by inheritance, etc.
    4. Awarded contract allows to buy HuaShen corporation goods at a discount of 30% at all time, convenient for the buyer.
    5. Signing the contract does not obligate the buyer to:
      • Maintain activities and sell products.
      • Participate in the activities undertaken by the company.
      • Make monthly or other regular purchases.
      • Buy literature, DVD discs, etc.

    In fact, the signing of the contract with the corporation HuaShen does not impose on any regular consumer obligations and restrictions. The holder of the contract can at any time begin working as a distributor under the rules set by the corporation HuaShen.
    The contract is a document drawn up in three copies, the first copy remains for the company, the second is for the buyer, the third is for the distributor, through which the purchase of goods has taken place.
    The contract must be certified by a wet seal and passed to the buyer no later than 30 days after the signing.


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