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  • Retails sales and Prize fund HuaShen

    V. Premium for retail sales

    • After you signed a contract, you get a 30% discount on all personal purchases. You can sell those products (which you got with a  discount) to the final consumer.

    Beginning from the month, when an agent gets right on premiums for Mentoring (see Table.2), but only if that agent gets sales retail turnover every month, (see that Table 2; no less than 7%), he can get premiums for retail sales as follows: 

    • 7% from the retail sales turnover up to ten levels of his own gold network, including silver line of his own gold network.
      Beginning from eleventh level an further, agent gets 3,5%
    • Premiums for retail sales turnover for each representative of each level of their network is considered when premiums for organization are counted.

    VI. Monthly and semi-yearly prize fund

    Each month, for the work achievements, HuaShen corporation gives gifts, presents, money prizes and products to their distributors.
    Every semi-year, for the work achievements, HuaShen corporation gives special prizes to their distributors and exclusive distributors:

      • Dresses, household appliances, cash checks,
      • Trip to China for one or two people,
      • Car (or cash check).

    • You can always ask about prize fund and the conditions for getting it in a corporation office.
    • Attention! Conditions for getting prizes are subject to be changed twice a year: in March and in September.
    • For different countries, conditions for getting prizes may be different.

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