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  • Marketing HuaShen

    What does the corporation «HuaShen» offer to their trade representatives?

    The corporation «HuaShen» is interested in the development of the trading network, and invites all wishing people to work as a trade representative and agent, regardless of geographic location of your country and city. You do not need special knowledge or skills. Just learn to use information - technology material that we are willing to give you.

    Marketing Plan of the Corporation, developed on the scientific foundations has:

    • The ability to earn on the retail sales and receive instant profits.
    • The ability to build your own trade net and receive:
      • High percentage returns on contracts.
      • Bonuses for sales.
      • Promotions on the career ladder.
    • Monthly and semi-annual prize fund for accomplished work.
    • Accumulated funds for tourist trips, to buy cars and real estate.

    Ability to earn through Internet

    By registering and making contracts via internet-shop HuaShen.ORG and our representatives, you may start your business on Internet, using the latest sales technologies. Working with us, you will be able to realize your full potential, regardless of age, place of residence and employment.
    We provide high-quality information support by phone and e-mail, online advice, by  ICQ and IP, provide assistance in organizing seminars, producing retail and wholesale supplies, including by mail, working with your customers everywhere in the world.

    What does the corporation «HuaShen» offer to their distributors?

    • You get advertising support, marketing info and other print and video materials, necessary for your work.
    • You get recommendations and advise on how to develop your own trade network.
    • You get information-technical support and consultations.
    • You get the ability to register and sign contracts with your customers through our sites.

    How to begin?

    1. Sign a contract with «HuaShen» corporation.
      • Through «HuaShen» distributors.
      • Through trade representatives of our internet-shop.
      • Through internet-shop.
    2. Chose the «HuaShen» products for $120. Pay your order by credit card.


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