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  • «HuaShen» International Trading Company

    It is no secret that currently, tired of disease and drugs, people become increasingly skeptical about traditional medicine, preferring alternative remedies to it.

    “HuaShen” Corporation offers a new, unique line of health care products with bio photons.

    Short information about corporation «HuaShen»

    Established in China in 1992, Huashen International is a high-tech transnational corporation, which is an integration of R&D, manufacturing, marketing of nano-micro products and related healthcare products. The founder set up a company, which was called Duo Yuan (Multiplication) Economic and Technological Development Company in 1992, mainly engaged in frontier trade between China and Russia.
    The company, cooperating with Tongji University, set up Tongji-Duo Yuan Superfine Powder Technology Lab and transferred its emphasis to the research, development and manufacturing of superfine powder technology. They developed supersonic air flow comminuting (Size Reduction) and Classification System and Turbine Superfine Powder Classification System one after another, both of which were tested and appraised by official experts and filled a domestic gap and achieved advanced level in the world. Relying on these two technologies, the company developed a series of products, including superfine nutrition food, nano garments and nano health products. Due to its particular features: ultra-low temperature, ultrasonic and aerodynamic flow comminuting techniques, superfine processing technology which is second to none won various patents and was widely applied in many fields including pharmaceutical industry, health care industry, metallurgical industry, inorganic materials and agriculture.
    In order to expand its international market, the company set up Huashen Investment Company limited in Russia in 1999 and used Huashen as the overseas brand name which embodied the onset of a long journey to international recognition. In 2005, domestic company altered its original name and Huashen became a unified symbol. For more than a decade, Huashen International has exerted every effort and has now developed into a large corporation focusing on health care industry.
    Huashen international has domestic Business management center, International Marketing center and R&D center. Its corporate staff is made of elites in this field majoring in R&D, management and marketing. Meanwhile Huashen International has 6 domestic production bases and 15 overseas branches in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa and its products sell pretty well in more than 40 countries and regions.
    On the basis of mainland China, successfully combined micro and nano technology with TCM culture Huashen International has developed more than 100 products mainly in 4 series, health care clothes, health care food, health products and TCM cosmetics which have penetrated into International market in such a short time and made great achievement.
    Huashen International always believes technology and innovation is the key foundation of company development. Relied on well-known university, Huashen International cooperated with several high-tech institutes and employed many specialized experts as technological consultants, thus a group of scientific research personnel who are qualified innovative and competent in technology is formed, and the inclusion of foreign experts makes Huashen International more competitive and more international. It takes ten years for a tree to grow to its full height, but a hundred for qualified personnel to mature. Having a global view, Huashen International is leading the way in manufacturing health products and accomplishes a great undertaking.

    What are the bio photons?

    Bio photons are modern materials, which are produced from diverse natural plant raw materials. The production essence lays in the instant freezing to ultra low temperatures and shreddering bio materials in the supersonic grinding mills. The result is a mass of non crystal, ultra small particles measured in nanometers that can radiate bio waves 2-25 mc long.

    The mechanism of products’ work

    Man is one with nature. Traditional Chinese medicine has developed a presentation of human body, as a combination of functional systems. The coherent work of a multitude of systems is implemented at the cell level.
    The disease is a deviation from the norm in the work of individual cells or organs, or the organism as a whole. Avoiding of the disease means the return to normal, that is a configuration of each cell to certain vibrations, corresponding to its healthy state.
    Point Annex of the bio photons is a cell, the structure of which can absorb energy quanta, creating oscillating movement in the blood vessels and enhancing blood motion in the capillaries. Capillaries provide cellular respiration and nutrition. The result is a heightening metabolism and increasing of the life-energy of cells.
    It is currently known that more than ⅓ capillaries of our body is in a closed condition and does not work.
    "If you open a clearance for hundreds of thousands of closed capillaries by a regime, not by drugs, you will not find a single disease, with which your body could not cope," wrote in the book "Surreptitious wisdom of medicine" great Russian physician A.S. Zalmanov, in the early XX century.

    Features of bio photons’ effects in the human body.

    • Increase of the metabolism in the cells of organs and tissues.
    • Decrease content of lipids and viscosity in blood, preventing and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Increase capillary circulatory stimulation.
    • Increase of phagocytes of leucocytes and reticular cells, withdrawal of the inflammation.
    • Increasing temperature in tissues reduces sensitivity of the sympathetic nerve, accelerates blood circulation improving the flow of oxygen to the places of disease, limits the spreading of inflammatory process, accelerates healing, eliminates pain.
    • Accelerates flow of oxygen and nutrients from blood into cells, strengthens immunity.
    • Antiradiation, antistatic properties, protection against ultraviolet and abnormal radiations.

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